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Google Wallpapers adds three new categories and Pixel 2 wallpaper

Google Wallpapers adds three new categories and Pixel 2 wallpaper

Previous updates:


Art and Solid Colors categories added


May 6: Google has added two new categories to its Wallpapers app: Art and Solid Colors. These are new additions not previously included in the recent v1.1 update which saw a whole host of new wallpapers added (see below). If you’re interested, there are 50 walls available in the Art section (for now) and 26 solid colors, including a flat black for eking out a little more battery on devices with an AMOLED display.


New wallpapers added in v1.1


May 3: Google added a bunch of new wallpapers from different categories including Landscapes, Life, Textures, and Cityscapes, in the Wallpapers update to version 1.1. In addition, the update also brings a few UI improvements along with the standard bug fixes.


In case you have a hard time choosing which wallpaper to opt for out of the hundreds available, you also have the option of selecting your favorite category and letting the app automatically set a new wallpaper every day. All wallpapers can be applied to the home screen, lock screen or both.