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The Sims 4 Features

The Sims 4 Features

The Sims 4 has been officially announced and we are doing our best to keep our information up to date and reliable. The Sims 4 has been designed to revolutionise the way we play The Sims and Sims Globe is here to share with you all the latest and greatest Sims 4 news and information, so please take your time to read this fact sheet and share it with all of those whom are interested.

Navigate below to read through features and information, and be sure to check out The Sims 4 Screenshots and The Sims 4 Videos and browse through all pages in the menu above! If you want to pre-order The Sims 4, you can do so on Origin.

The Sims 4 is the highly anticipated life simulation game that lets you play with life like never before. Create and control new Sims with mind, body, and heart. Build their unique homes. Direct and explore the stories of your Sims and experience delightful and exciting results. New, tactile creative tools in Create A Sim and a room-based Build Mode give you intuitive and fun ways to create compelling content. Show off your favourite creations with all new ways to share and shop through community content for inspiration.

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